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  Our Best NTSC Scan Converter Product!


The Eclipse PCI/ISA Internal Scan Converter:


Have you ever wished you could have a card right in your PC that would provide true broadcast quality video output for your multimedia presentations? Or, have you ever needed to overlay some sort of title, graphic or effect onto live video from your PC? If so, the Eclipse Internal NTSC Scan Converter is for you!

  • Unique Reversible design works with any PCI or ISA motherboard!
  • Fully RS-170A Broadcast Spec Compliant- super clean video
  • Does not use any IRQ's or other motherboard resources- guaranteed to work on any PC
  • Provides Composite NTSC, Y/C (S-Video), and RGB output
  • Built in Live Video Keyer, adjustable hard or soft key edges
  • Windows based control software communicates via RS232 port- software and cable included
  • Non-volatile RAM for instant power up to your exact settings
  • Works with PC or Mac's equipped with PCI buss

SIDE A- Use for ISA Slot

SIDE B- Use for PCI Slot 

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Superb Quality- A fully digital encoding system ensures that the NTSC/PAL video signal produced by the Eclipse is the highest possible quality. This card outperforms discreet component video encoders costing thousands! We've been in the broadcast video business since 1987, and trust us when we say "this is the very best available."
Live Video Keying- Take live video and superimpose graphics, text, animations, or other video clips playing on the PC. The soft edge control ensures that you get perfectly smooth anti-aliasing on edges against the live video
Auto Detect - This feature automatically recognizes and converts the incoming computer image, up to 1600 x 1200 resolution and 100 kHz horizontal scan rate and automatically configures itself.

AutoSet - With the touch of a button, the Eclipse automatically sizes and positions the incoming computer signal to fit exactly on the video screen.

Horizontal & Vertical Size & Position - In addition to AutoSet, additional flexibility is provided by Eclipse's wide range size and positioning controls.

Configuration Memory - This feature remembers various computer types and screen resolutions so that the next time the Eclipse recognizes a previously seen set of parameters, it automatically configures to those settings. Non-volatile RAM ensures immediate power up of desired settings. No software to load during bootup!

Computer SVGA Loop-thru - This allows the user to display images on the local computer monitor as video plays simultaneously on the NTSC/PAL display device.

Full Bandwidth Color Sampling - Eclipse's 24 bit sampling provides 8 bits per color for 16.8 million colors. No banding or artifacts. Gradients are smooth!

Scalable Overscan/Underscan - Each position is scalable, so the user can determine the precise size of the image in either mode. 

Onscreen Displays - to show menus and options, simplifying front panel control over all scan converter functions.  The Eclipse provides this information via an On-Screen Display. Display can be turned off to prevent it from accidentally being enabled during mission critical display operations (such as broadcast TV)

RS-232 Interface - Includes an RS-232 port for remote control of any of its features and functions.  Control software is provided and custom applications are easy to create with our simple command structure. Simple ASCII commands can be sent our the serial port in a method similar to controller a Hayes compatible Modem. You can send commands using nothing more than a Text file and a batch command or command line.

Windows Software Control - Easy to use Windows control software (included) allows menu-driven precise control over size, positioning, keying level, key softness, H/SC phase and much more. Also allows you to save precise settings to non-volatile RAM on the unit for instant recovery on powerup.

Image Zoom - Incorporates a 2X Zoom with full Pan capability and since the zooming is done before the scan conversion process, the output quality is superb.

Flicker Elimination - Eclipse's proprietary digital flicker reduction virtually eliminates interlace flicker without significantly decreasing image resolution.

Studio Genlock - The Eclipse has an SCH Phaseable Genlock input with +/- 12 degree H/SC phase adjustment for easy integration into studios and post production environments. 

Genlock with Overlay - The Eclipse will lock to an incoming Composite or S-Video signal and its integral digital luminance keyer will allow computer graphics to be superimposed over the incoming video. Works with studio quality video or non timebase corrected video tape machines- even VHS!


SPECIFICATIONS Included Cables and Accessories




Recommended for Resolutions to


Maximum Resolution


Computer Type Compatibility

PC, Mac

Operating System Compatibility

Independent of OS

Computer In Signal Compatibility

RGB+HV sync

Computer Input Connector


Computer Loop-thru Connector


Computer Input Cable Supplied

2' DB15M-DB15M

Level of Flicker Reduction


Max Lines without Line Dropping


Max Horizontal Scan Rate


Max V. Refresh Rate @ 640x480


Max V. Refresh Rate @ 800x600


Max V. Refresh Rate @ 1024x768


Max V. Refresh Rate @ 1280x1024


Max V. Refresh Rate @ 1600x1200


Color Resolution

24 Bit

Horizontal Filtering and Enhancemeny


Genlock Input Connector

Composite on RCA and Y/C S-Video on 4-Pin Mini-DIN 

Composite Video Out Connector


S-Video Output Connector 

4-Pin Mini-DIN

RGB Output Connector


YUV Output Connector


Composite Video Cable Supplied


S-Video Cable Supplied

6' 4Pin-4Pin

RGB and YUV Cables


Image Size & Position

Horizontal & Vertical

Automatic Sizing & Positioning



Variable Presets

Settings Memory

Non-Volatile RAM

Zoom Range

2X with Pan

Image Freeze

Full Frame

Control Methods
(Software is supplied for RS232)

IR with optional remote, and RS232

RS232 Connector Type

5-Pin Mini-DIN

RS232 Cable Supplied

5-Pin to DB9F

Genlock to External Video Signal

Composite or
Y/C S-Video

Genlock SCH Phase Adj. Range


Integral Luminance Keyer 


Switchable Output Standards


Operating Temperature Range

0/+50C (32/122F)

Dimensions (WxL) - Internal Card
(uses mid size length ISA slot, long PCI)

3.25" x 8.5"


Weight - Desktop & Rackmount Models

10 oz (280 g)

Power Requirement

12VDC @ 400mA

Power Adapter Supplied

none- draws power from PC internally, power draw is approximately 200 milliamps

Regulatory Approvals - P.S.


Regulatory Approvals - Unit

FCC Class A, CE

Limited Warranty - Parts and Labor

2 Years



RS-232 Cable (included)
CS-460-Serial-Cable.gif (5102 bytes)



VGA I/O Cable Assembly (included)
CS460-VGA-IO-Cable.gif (8497 bytes)

Video I/O Cable (included)
cs-460-video-io-cable.gif (15753 bytes)


Optional IR Remote Control
with remote receiver cable

CS460-IRR104-RC04.gif (31662 bytes)





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