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NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with, a seller of alternative health care products.
We sell electronics.

In business since 1987, ItWorks products save you money while providing an excellent level of quality and value.

We engineer our products to work in the most demanding professional environment on the planet- Live TV ...where failure is not an option. We've provided PC based workstation and server solutions for TV stations worldwide in weather, web, and video production environments. Many of our products have their own websites, click on links below for more info.

Let us provide you with a solution for your video, server, live TV, or weather content needs.
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Build-a-Blade A do it yourself blade server


Save space, power and money - details

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Broadcast, Cable TV,
and Internet Video Systems

MediaServer 4000 - Windows/Intel based broadcast video solution

ViziFrame - a Linux based dedicated digital signage appliance

ViziFrame provides a simple and inexpensive solution to creating digital signage. Our ViziFrame Appliance can be deployed most anywhere to create a simple and reliable digital signage system either stand-alone or as part of a network of signs. If you can run Windows, and can work
with pictures from digital cameras, paint programs, and web based images from an internet location, you can run a ViziFrame network.

Its easy - you can have a digital sign up and running within minutes of taking it out of the box!

ViziFrame turns any TV, LCD, or Plasma Monitor into a digital sign. Fresh content can be automatically fetched and displayed from any web server anywhere in the world as soon as it is updated. Using our simple Windows based client, you can upload shows to ViziFrames networked singly or in groups. Wall mount, behind monitors, desktop or rack mounts are available.

More info here

TempElert Mission Critical LAN and Web ready thermometer provides visual, audible, Email, Pager, and PCS cell phone notification of temperature and switch status. Perfect for monitoring computer server rooms, process control, HVAC/AC systems, agriculture, refrigeration systems, burglar alarms, and any sort of important situation where temperature and/or switch or relay status requires remote alerting. Monitor up to 16 probes or switches at once! A low cost RS232 version is also available for 1/2 probes. See the complete website at

Here's some of our products:
NEW SmoothWall Firewall Network Appliances

ItWorks is now an authorized distributor for the cost effective and robust SmoothWall Firewall software.

We offer the software direct, or preloaded in a Desktop or Rackmounted appliance. These units feature LAN +WAN + DMZ flexibility. Compare to Cisco PIX or SonicWall and you'll find cost effectiveness!

Desktop Appliance

Long distance weather station solution released
New system allows wireless reception of live weather data from distances up to 30MILES No FCC license required! Great for setting up low cost networks or other systems where you have to monitor weather, or environmental data in a remote location. Available at our WeatherShop online store.

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Rackmount Appliance




Your Personal Weather
Get a Weather forecast for any city in the USA and many places in the world via our IntelliWeather content service

Enter Your "City, State"
or Zipcode:

Weather Solutions Gifts, gadgets, weather stations, software and here!
Looking for weather instruments, stations, or systems? Our WeatherShop has it all.


Personal Weather Radar NEW!  STORMPREDATOR


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