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  PC-NTSC Video Display Cards for The NTSC Reference Suite v3.0:


The NTSC Reference Suite V3.0, when combined with a SVGA to NTSC video capable scan converter or NTSC capable SVGA card, can create a complete NTSC Test Pattern Generator system to send test signals to your video equipment!

When equipped with the proper display hardware,  our exclusive full screen test pattern generator program turns any PC into a Video Test System rivaling dedicated Test Pattern Generators/Sync Generators costing thousands of Dollars!

Our Best Product- The Eclipse PCI/ISA Internal Scan Converter:
$649.00 or $669.00 Bundled with the NTSC Reference Suite V3.0 SAVE $30

 Show me the Specs and the Details!

  • A true Broadcast quality product- outperforms units costing thousands more!
  • Unique Reversable design works with any PCI or ISA motherboard!
  • Fully RS-170A Broadcast Spec Compliant- super clean video
  • Does not use any IRQ's or other motherboard resources- guaranteed to work on any PC
  • Provides Composite NTSC, Y/C (S-Video), and RGB output
  • Built in Genlock and Video Keyer, adjustable hard or soft edges, adjustable phase
  • Windows based control software communicates via RS232 port- software and cables included
  • Non-volatile RAM for instant power up to your exact settings

Internal for ISA Slot

Internal for  PCI Slot 


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Other NTSC Capable Video Cards for non-broadcast applications:

This card has EVERYTHING except broadcast Genlock capability!

  $369 or $389 bundled with NTSC Reference Suite V3.0 Save $30!
is the revolutionary all-in-one 3D graphics
and multimedia experience! This one card blends all aspects of Analog and Digital TV into one complete experience
See the Specs and Details.

  • The revolutionary all-in-one 3D, TV and video experience
  • Powered by the RADEON™ 8500 GPU
  • 64MB DDR memory
  • Connect a digital camcorder to a PC via Firewire IEEE-1394 for lossless DV-CAM editing
  • Digital and analog video capture & editing
  • Radio-frequency remote control included
  • Stereo TV-tuner
  • TV-ON-DEMAND™ Time shifting
  • Interactive Program Guide
  • DVD video playback with Dolby® AC-3 digital audio output
  • Support for resolutions up to 2048x1536
  • Dual SVGA Monitor Support with simultaneous TV out

All in Wonder Radeon 8500DV

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