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ItWorks Announces Partnership with Scala to Provide Increased Internet Presence in the form of ENewsChannels for Television Broadcasters

"ENewsChannels" to Bridge Gap Between Television and Internet, Enabling Stations to Increase Viewership and offer alternate advertising opportunities.
CALABASAS, Calif., (February 16, 1999)—Scala, Inc., an international developer of multimedia authoring and broadcasting software, today announced a partnership with ItWorks, a leading supplier of weather data and custom broadcast solutions. As part of the agreement, Scala and ItWorks will work together in developing "ENewsChannels"—a turnkey software and content package enabling television stations to provide news and entertainment on the Internet in a TV-like format designed to attract and retain more viewers than traditional Web Sites. The "ENewsChannels" solution will provide broadcasters with a second viewing medium via the Internet with the same look of its on-air stations.

"Industry research has proven that television stations have been losing a large percent of their prime time audiences due to the increased use of personal computers and the Internet," said Anthony Watts, president of ItWorks. "Together with Scala, we feel that ‘ENewsChannels’ will allow television stations to regain their lost viewership by providing dynamic programming with the look and feel of broadcast television over the Internet."

Scala and ItWorks will provide broadcasters a complete turnkey solution with authoring and playback software along with hosting, content and distribution services. "ENewsChannels’ will include pre-packaged broadcast ready templates and content to allow stations to quickly get started with minimal ramp-up time. All a broadcast station will need to provide is the same raw materials they use for both its on-air channel and web site. The content will also be incorporated in a custom-branded promotional CD-ROM that can be used for special events, give-aways and sponsored programming.

ItWorks will market the ‘ENewsChannels’ solution under the brand names ENewsCast , EWeatherCast and ESportsCast to allow broadcasters to supply different content channels.

The ‘ENewsChannels’ solution is based on Scala’s newest line of multimedia authoring software which allows content to be published to the Internet or CD-ROM. Content for ‘ENewsChannels’ can originate on CD or be downloaded, and will update transparently without the viewer having to actively visit the television station’s web site.

"The impact ‘ENewsChannels’ will have on viewers and television stations will be dramatic," said Jim Alexander president and chief executive officer of Scala, Inc. "Television stations will be able to bring the ‘look and feel’ viewers are used to experiencing by incorporating Scala’s motion, sound and animation."

 About ItWorks

ItWorks is an application developer and broadcast systems integrator with products that allow television stations to generate revenue through advertising and increased viewership. ItWorks applications include WeatherView32™, a web program service that displays realitime weather information simultaneously on the web and broadcast TV. ItWorks also offers EWeatherMail™; a graphical weather forecast service delivered automatically to subscribers along with advertising and TV station collaterals. Both products combine valuable weather information with the station's identity and a link to their Web Site. Messages can even be co-sponsored by advertisers. ItWorks also supplies on-air broadcast systems for TV Weather and News presentations, and has provided such systems to TV stations throughout the world through direct sales and other marketing partners. For more information contact ItWorks at (530) 899-8434 or visit

 About Scala

Scala is a leading international developer of multimedia authoring and broadcasting software for corporations, cable television operators, retailers and consumers. Scala’s software is used worldwide to create dynamic full-screen productions with text, graphics, animation, sound and video, for broadcast via corporate intranets or the Internet to television-based displays or computers. Working with its global network of Value Added Resellers, Scala offers a complete solution meeting its customers’ growing needs to reach a large audience with engaging content. Scala is headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., with U.S. sales offices in Detroit, Miami and Portland, and European offices in Benelux, London and Oslo. For more information, contact Scala, Inc. at (818) 673-1300.

1999 ItWorks and  SCALA Inc.

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ENewsChannels provide full screen video and effects- just like broadcast TV!
Come See us at NAB 2001! Details below.

ItWorks invites all commercial broadcast TV stations to an ENewsChannel technology preview at NAB99. We will showcase our ENewsChannel product that puts the look and feel of your TV station on the users desktop PC. Whats different about this is that its full motion TV effects, full broadcast quality, with minimal bandwidth. It allows your on-air talent to showcase your station thru scheduled or automated updates. The ENewsChannel solution gives a TV station their own private web channel that can be sponsored, sublicensed, and promoted using the same business model used to drive TV on-air sales. ENewsChannel is not another "herky-jerky" tiny video window, its the real deal.

WHEN AND WHERE AT NAB 99 Market exclusive licensing opportunities will be presented! Don't miss out!

Don't miss this opportunity at the Hotel San Remo 115 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Executive Board Room, Suite #1003 on  April 20th & 21st.  10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Hotel San Remo is located directly across from the MGM Grand Hotel & next to the Tropicana Hotel. Please RSVP to Anthony Watts, National Sales Manager, at

No Email? Call us at 1-530-899-8434 to reserve your place.