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If we build it....ItWorks!

ItWorks offers Mediavergence, Stormsignal P.I.N customers an instant solution for lack of service using WeatherWarn and Nowcaster

As you know, Mediavergence "pulled the plug" and closed its doors on May 19th. If you are looking for a solution to fill this void for your viewers, please contact us. We will be happy to setup a replacement for your email, pager, and desktop applications with PRIORITY SERVICE to get you running again as fast as possible. 

In the wake of the MediaVergence shutdown that left dozens of TV stations without internet weather bulletins, Anthony Watts, TV president of ItWorks, provider of WeatherWarn and NowCaster to about 70 US TV stations says that his company will offer to immediately support any MediaVergence, StormSignal P.I.N needs of TV stations left without service. "Our business has been slow and steady, we don't follow the typical dotcom business model, and we are growing" "Our success lies in that we have a variety of weather services, ranging from instruments, to on-air, to internet, so we aren't dependent on just one revenue stream like a typical dotcom".

"We know this shutoff is a PR nightmare for many stations, the viewers don't know whats going on, all they see is that the TV station let them down" "ItWorks will offer any Mediavergence customer immediate setup of our WeatherWarn email and pager system, and do it without the TV having to spend any additional money" "Our main concern is helping stations maintain their image with viewers and to ensure they continue to get weather bulletins".

We can quickly restore your service, usually the same day.

We will assume any Mediavergence contract at its current rate, unless of course our rate for similar services prices lower. No setup fees, no hassles, no minimum duration required. We've been in business since 1987, we will be around tomorrow, as we're not just another "dot com".


To get started, Contact:   Anthony Watts at 530-899-8434 or