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iplay studio, for Web Presentations and Real Time Animation Effects

Anyone can create professional, TV-like presentations on the Internet! This incredible new software makes it easy!

Publish pictures of family, friends, vacations and more

Get an 'A' with a powerful multimedia demo, or run a School TV Channel Bulletin Board !

Quickly produce animated presentations that to send over the Internet.

iplay studio can do it all!

iplay studio allows anyone to create their own animated TV-like presentations with photos, text, video and sound. iplay studio's simple user interface allows the user to publish their creations on the web as standard HTML or dynamic web channels which are viewable with the free Scala multimedia player, iplay™ (included), in full-screen format as well as in a window or browser

iplay studio is Pentium III optimized. The streaming SIMD extensions on the Pentium III processor will improve iplay studio's full-screen TV-like playback and will increase the delivery of its real time effects and transitions for Internet users. Scala's iplay studio is ideal for home, education and business users who want to create animated presentations to publish and share on the Internet. Presentations can be viewed as images in web browser or in full-screen multimedia format with Scala's free multimedia player, iplay.

The Intel Pentium III processor also enhances iplay studio's real-time authoring features such as anti-aliasing and alpha channel support. The software was also designed to maximize the features of the latest technologies such as DirectX and DirectShow. iplay studio also offers hundreds of creative transitions such as zooms, pushes, fly-ons, alpha and dissolves.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth, full-screen, TV-like playback with real-time effects and transitions
  • Hundreds of transitions including zooms, pushes, fly-ons, alpha and dissolves
  • Easy user interface that takes minutes to learn
  • Publishing to Internet Channel, HTML and e-mail
  • Live video to TV using a NTSC/PAL Video scan converter
  • Drawing tools
  • Real-time Image processing of hue, saturation, brightness, gamma & R/G/B
  • Real-time opacity control and alpha channel support
  • Tiling of background textures plus Scala's unique "stretcher" tiling format
  • Digital audio playback and mixing of WAV, MIDI, CD and external input
  • TWAIN support for digital cameras and scanners
  • Printing of presentations in a variety of formats
  • Multi-language spell check
  • DirectX and DirectShow support
  • Optimized for the Pentium III


  • Pentium 233 MHz MMX  Processor, Pentium 3 600 MHz or better preferred
  • Windows 98, ME, or Windows NT 4..0, Windows 2000 and XP Preferred
  • PC SVGA card with 4MB of video memory and DirectX support
  • PC compatible CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard Disk with 25MB free
  • 64MB RAM Windows 95/98 or 128MB Windows NT 4.0, 256 MB Win2000/XP
  • Optional DirectSound supported sound card

Media Support

  • Graphics: BMP, GIF, IFF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, Targa, TIFF, WMF
  • Animation: FLC, FLI, AnimGIF
  • Sound: MIDI, WAV, CD Audio (requires sound card, CD-ROM driveDirectShow
  • Video: Software MPEG1, AVI and QuickTime
  • Fonts: TrueType and included ScalaType

Product Details:

 Product Code SCA-2007 iPlay Studio (box image)
Retail Price

includes our NTSC reference program on CD




This screen describes using a waveform monitor to measure NTSC video Luminance and Chrominance Levels. We provide you not only with the definitions, but also example samples of how the signals should look and what the different components mean.
This screen describes how Full Field Color Bars test Pattern relates to the S-VHS component video signal and compared to NTSC composite video signal. Our easy to understand visuals help even the novice see how video works.
This screen describes the "multiburst" test signal and how it is use to measure NTSC bandwidth of a composite video signal. This is one of dozens of tutorial screens that show you how to measure NTSC Video with a Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope.

CALIBUG Video Reference Tool and CD-ROM for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP

Need to Create live NTSC/PAL video on your PC?
See our PC card solutions for making live video here!

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CALIBUG - PAL USB Video Calibrator & Reference Tool   $99.95  
CALIBUG 2-PACK - PAL USB Video Calibrator & Reference Tool   $167.95  
CALIBUG 5-PACK - PAL USB Video Calibrator & Reference Tool   $399.95  

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